Digitalizing Healthcare Industry with Cloud & Onsite Solutions

Healthcare industry generally faces perplexing issues like rising costs, lack of infrastructure, insufficient staff etc. Due to these dominant issues, many health care organizations are now choosing cloud based solutions. Taking cloud technologies as leverage, Chandigarh headquartered Allengers Infotech, comes into the healthcare scenario with its cloud and onsite solutions for hospitals, clinics, labs and diagnostic centres. Leveraging its thirty years of medical experience, the company ensures to provide smart solutions that help healthcare providers save their time, money and energy while making data easily accessible, standardized and secured.

Allengers Infotech offers ‘Clarity’, a Hospital Management System (HMS), to manage the complete medical, financial and administrative data of a healthcare organization and organizing it into meaningful information that helps owners in decision making. The company’s cloud based AllenPACS (Allengers Picture Archiving and Communication System) enables centralized storage (archiving) of medical diagnostic images and videos from different modalities and helps them to be viewed, edited, retrieved and distributed efficiently within the framework of healthcare organization. It’s ALIS (Allengers Laboratory Information Systems) processes, saves and integrates data from all stages of pathology processes and tests, helps medical practitioners & technicians administer varieties of inpatient and outpatient medical tests pertaining to haematology, immunology, microbiology etc.

The company understands the requirements of a healthcare organization both from the medical and business angle and has specifically incorporated many features benefiting both. For example when it comes to ALIS, the solution is integrate-able with lab machines that enable automatic entry of test results for each client. Then, its automated SMS feature enables patients to receive their reports via SMS the moment they are generated. The SMS includes a website link along with a unique ID and password for each client to view the actual detailed test report on the organization’s web portal. Hence, time & money is saved, while human error is eliminated. For all its applications, dedicated mobile apps are also there.

AllenPACS comes equipped with offsite & offline viewing and reporting features. It has an intuitive interface accessible from anywhere and its inbuilt reporting module with text and voice note options that makes reporting easier. Through integration with HMS, the solution helps in the maintenance of a complete patient medical record for later reference and effective reporting. Additionally, ‘Clarity’ streamlines workflow and boosts efficiency by means of reminders, schedules and automates day to day activities. The product helps to increase revenue by optimized scheduling and SMS reminders, offers online prescription history and reports and provides strict inventory tracking, online doctor visibility and easy appointment booking for local patients through the patient applications. Clarity’s powerful real-time analytics also brings financial and operational data quickly.

With “Passion for Innovation” as it motto, Allengers Infotech endeavours to be a frontrunner in unifying and standardizing medical data while uplifting Indian healthcare sector to the level of its international counterparts. With the determination, ideas and brand power, it foresees a future where medical devices interact with software and software interacts through wearables, smart phones and various other daily devices.

Healthcare IT Systems – The Future is here

“An intelligent HIS system backed by quality technical support from a reliable brand, sooner or later, does emerge as an asset for a healthcare organization.”

Rapid advancements in technology constantly alter and enhance the way one lives and works. Computer information systems are slowly becoming an indispensable part of organizing, storing, and processing day-to-day information. Healthcare information systems that cater to the specific needs of a healthcare organization have come up, with the major ones being HIS, PACS, and LIS.

Hospital Information System (HIS) is the primary solution that helps an organization in its fundamental task of managing its medical, financial, and administrative data as effectively and in an organized way as possible. An ideal HIS should be a centralized solution catering to all departments and services in a hospital with flawless electronic record registration, should be user friendly for hospital staff, and flexible enough for any upgradations and changes as per the hospital requirements.

Allengers ‘Clarity’ is a HIS that has been designed keeping in mind these fundamental factors, besides others. From electronic medical records to self-generated graphical MIS analysis reports, a host of features from the core medical point of view to a smart business-oriented model have been incorporated. International standards have been adhered to in terms of HL7, NABH, and ICD-10.

The USP of Clarity is its user-friendliness, detail, and flexibility to accommodate individual requirements. Backed by a strong security mechanism, it also includes distinct features like 3-level user-rights allocation, third-party device integration, and value-added features like chat, helpdesk, document sharing, and alerts among others.

Modern-day laboratories employ high-end lab equipment that perform automated tests for Elisa, biochemistry, CBC, and hematology, the results of which are then procured, processed, and maintained by a Laboratory Information System (LIS). An LIS system also acts as a mediator, enabling automated transfer of data between these machines and an HIS system, reducing to a large extent the scope of human efforts and errors.

AllenPACS is a state-of-the-art picture archiving and communications system (PACS), designed to help the medical personnel digitally manage their diagnostic images and videos across their network. Ever since its arrival, the advantages of a AllenPACS system have been obvious, from a suitable alternative to hard copies, to universal accessibility of data, to complete radiology management. PACS is fully equipped with all the latest tools and features like 3D reconstruction, cine loop, Volume Rendering Tool (VRT), Shaded Surface Display (SSD), and Multi-Planner Reconstruction (MPR) among others. It can also be integrated with Clarity, forming a complete healthcare software solution.

These applications are the basis of modern-day telemedicine, where distance does not pose a hindrance to patients looking for immediate and quality assistance and consultation. They prove quite useful to healthcare organizations seeking to make their workplace uncluttered and paperless, with proper and organized patient histories and records. There are no more human errors, no more inventory losses, no more inaccurate bills, and no more lost records. Accurate, complete records and appointments are available just with the click of a button.

An intelligent HIS system backed by quality technical support from a reliable brand, sooner or later, does emerge as an asset for a healthcare organization.