Privacy Policy

Our objective is to offer a web experience that offers the information,Privacy Policy1 resources and services which are appropriate and helpful to you. With a motive to achieve this objective, consistently we used to gather information while your visits. This privacy policy is outlined to assist you learn more about the personal information we gather, with whom we share it and how we safeguard it.


Added terms and conditions, if any, concerning the gathering and utilization of your information may also be offered to you prior you wave up for a specific Allengers Infotech service- privacy policies for those solutions will be connected from those specific areas of our website.

What sort of information do we gather?

Allengers Infotech gathers personal information in diverse ways – through information offered precisely from our users, from data gathered through the web server logs and last through cookies.

Information provided by our users:

Allengers Infotech gathers personal information like your e-mail address, name, phone number, official or residential address. Allengers Infotech may also gather demographic data, such as your postal code, age, gender and other legal interests. Allengers Infotech does not gather any of this information about you other than when you particularly and intentionally provide this information.

Information from web servers logs:

Allengers Infotech records and stores information about you from the web servers logs like your IP address, the time you visited and your internet browser type. This data is utilized to confirm our history and to provide improved services to you.

Information from cookies:

With a motive to offer and provide you with specifically tailored services, Allengers Infotech may utilize cookies to save and record your information. A cookie is a piece of information that recognizes you as a unique user. Allengers Infotech will not reveal its cookies to third parties except as needed by a genuine legal procedure like search warrant, court order or so on.


Numerous browsers are already assembled to accept cookies. You can reboot your browser to dump entire cookies. You must awaken though that various parts of the Allengers Infotech websites and services may not run adequately if you dump cookies.

Links to other websites:

Allengers Infotech inspires you to re-access the privacy systems of websites to select to visit from Allengers Infotech so that you can see how these websites gather, utilize and share your information. Allengers Infotech is not answerable for the secrecy statements or other content on websites furthest of the Allengers Infotech.

Reveal of your personal information to third parties and co-brand partners:

Allengers Infotech will not intentionally reveal any individually trackable information about you to any other third party without prior taking your permission. Allengers Infotech may approach or reveal your personal information if needed to do so by law or in the fair acceptance that such action is essential to adapt to the judgement of the law or abide by the legal process supplied on Allengers Infotech, safeguard or hold the rights.

Certain Allengers Infotech services and content may be co-branded with another company. If you register for those services, both Allengers Infotech and that third company may receive data gathered in partnership with the co-branded services. In these cases, either a combined privacy allegation will be provided, which will offer you the detailed information about the other co-branded partner. And you will get to know that how the other company will utilize your personal data and how you can contact that company with appeals to approach the information.

Safeguarding your information:

While Allengers Infotech is dedicated to safeguarding your personal data, no information transference over the web can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. You are completely answerable for sustaining the privacy of any passwords you set up.

Modifying inaccuracies

When you sign up for Allengers Infotech’s product and service, you may be receiving an e-mail regarding the confirmation of your new account. The data will be sent to your official/residential address whatever you provided to us at the time of sign-up with us. That data include ways for you to modify or delete the account information supplied. Make sure to keep the confirmation email because it will also include data that will assist you if you run into complexities accessing our solutions.

We would surely be contented to talk to you about any concerns you might have. Contact us for getting more refined information.