Healthcare IT Solutions

Picture Archiving and Communication System

Picture Archiving and Communication System, popularly known as PACS, is that electronic system which has been introduced,
keeping in mind the emerging needs of Healthcare Organizations. This need is motivating and triggering
the market, as Healthcare Providers are looking forward to adopt the same; so as to offer their patients,
high level of customer service and reduced workflow inefficiencies. Our PACS has components like
imaging systems, secured network for storage and exchange of patient’s information, workstations
for viewing and processing images and reclaiming of images and documents. This software product helps
you to manage your medical images and videos too, in a smarter way. We have designed this product
in such a way that it manages, analyzes, reconstructs and communicates medical images and videos
across your network. This system supports DICOM Modalities like CR, CT, MRI, Cath-Lab etc. DICOM
allows radiology information and medical imaging systems, to connect with other healthcare facilities
and also to pass data across the same.

Why PACS of Allengers Infotech?

  • Replaces the need for a hard copy
  • Fast and easy access to diagnostic data
  • Integration with HIS

  • Radiology Management
  • Able to process CATHLAB images
  • Easy to configure

  • Reference lines for CT and MR Images
  • Paper print
  • Storage of patient’s history