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  • "The screens are simple & user friendly to use..It has streamlined our patients management and everything is available at a single click of mouse.."
  • "Their system (LIS) has really speeded up our daily operations and streamlined our processes. Their implementation & support team has been really supportive and quick to respond ..."
  • "This software has helped us in saving TIME, MONEY and ENERGY …. "
    —Kuldip Hospital
  • "One major advantage is that we are using their PACS also, which works in an integrated manner with their HMS software. So, it is easy to track and maintain patient images. Radiologist also find it simple to operate..."
    —Mehndiratta Hospital

Allengers Infotech

“For the intelligent management of a hospital.”

A software solution that helps you manage your clinic or hospital in an efficient and cost effective way. Covers all aspects of a modern day healthcare setup. A result of 25 years of experience designed to help you save time, money and energy.



“An innovative solution to increase your clientage while managing your pathology needs”

It covers all tests with complete reports. Delivers Patient reports via automated SMS. The system is integrate-able with Lab machines and allow automated entry. Patient reports available online.


Allen Pacs

“Manage your medical images and videos the smart way!”

Designed to manage, analyze, reconstruct and communicate medical ‘images’ & ‘videos’ across your network. Both versions available (LAN & Web)


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