Healthcare IT Solutions

Allen PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System)

This software product helps you to manage your medical images and videos too, in a smarter way. We have designed this product in such a way that it manages, analyzes, reconstructs and communicates medical images and videos
across your network.

Why Allen PACS ?

  • All modality support (DICOM) with latest 2D & 3D tools
  • Optimum image quality & speed via lossless image compression
  • Studies shareable with external doctors (Tele Radiology)
  • Detailed ‘Reporting’ module covering all reporting stages
  • Pre-diagnostic data recording for better study analysis & reporting
  • Study ‘Chat’ feature for study discussion among doctors
  • Statistics & Reports for Top Management
  • Viewable on all PCs / Workstations / Tablets (All OS) (LAN / Internet)