Terms of Use

The Terms and conditions actually is a legal agreement between you and us Terms of Use1Allengers Infotech mentioned as “service provider”. The major aim of the Terms & Conditions shown below is to make sure the adequate utilization of SEO optimized website www.allengersinfotech.com and to conduct the usage of services offered by Allengers Infotech.


The customer’s approval for work to start the action shall be allowed a permissible agreement between the customer and Allengers Infotech approval for work can be each of two an email affirming back the quote or the document signed by the client.


Entire material provided by the client shall stay the client’s property. It will be pretended that this material concerned with the client. It does not break any copyright law.

Domain names:

Allengers Infotech provides domain name consultancy if needed. Domain names enrolled by Allengers Infotech on the client’s behalf are assets of Allengers Infotech until the customer has paid for the booked domain and other involved charges.

Allengers Infotech agree to transfer the domain to the client when asked to do this offered that entire accounts have been settled.

Enrollment charges:

The entire third party costs emerging from the enrollment of a domain name of another party services shall be seen by the client and are recoverable to Allengers Infotech before a legal application for enrollment is made. This is involved in the regular bill issued after accreditation for work to begin.


Allengers Infotech will possess the copyright of any material, involving design, source code and artwork designed for the client by Allengers Infotech. Once the end payment has been accepted by Allengers Infotech copyright may be transmitted to the customer if earlier agreed. Allengers Infotech reserves the right to absorb the copyright on entire material designed by Allengers Infotech unless alternatively agreed in between the service provider and the client in writing.

Images and Graphics:

Allengers Infotech may utilize the stock images in the design and build of the website. Images and graphics obtained from stock libraries are often not involved in the quote and will only be involved if the customer has accepted the additional charges. Often reworking and rewriting of artwork and photography provided by the customer will be involved in the quote, but where Allengers Infotech concedes the amount included in editing property Allengers Infotech reserves the right to allegation for the time of conducting such work at its constant company hourly rates.

Search engine submission:

Allengers Infotech is not answerable to the customer’s on going online promotion. If the customer need the website to be promoted an independent agreement must be agreed. Allengers Infotech can make no assurances about the success of SEO campaign as that is controlled and managed by search engines.


If the customer wish to break at any point during the process they shall remain answerable for the work which has taken place and should be accounted consequently.” If cancellation by client side takes place before the completion”, the customer will be debited what Allengers Infotech concedes to be a fair amount for the work conducted out till that date.

Site Maintenance:

Allengers Infotech does not update or commence a customer’s website as part of the design task. If a customer wishes Allengers Infotech to maintain or commence a website as an individual task, Allengers Infotech will agree with the client a maintenance contract adequate to the amount of work needed.


Allengers Infotech cannot be adhered answerable for any sort of information included within the customer’s website. The content of alike lasts the copyright and subjective asset of the customer.

Examples of work:

Allengers Infotech possesses the right to show graphics and other components of web designing as instance of their in their particular folder.


Allengers Infotech signature must be placed on the website alternatively at the bottom of the website on entire pages and it should link back to the www.allengersinfotech.com. If the customer must clear away this link an added amount of _______% will be charged. Subsequent html code must be utilized to put the signature: internet marketing company: Allengers Infotech signature should be clear to human eyes” as well as search engine spiders”.

Travel Time and Expenses:

Moving time to and from the client property is not often involved in our estimate. If a visit is necessary for meeting. The customer will bear the entire cost or as settled between both parties.


The cost extracted to the client is for work settled on the quotation. Should the customer agree that transformations are required as the website is developed, then we will offer an independent quote for the added task and may require to examine the time frame for completing the campaign.

Upfront payment:

An advance of 40% of the total cost of the campaign is required before the task can begin. After a campaign gets going this is non-rebated.

Payment terms :

Amount is recently accepted by Moneybookers, PayPal or as otherwise settled.


Payment will be expected within 2 weeks of invoice. Full advertisement or promotion of the web pages may take place only when the whole amount has been received or as otherwise settled between both parties. Any material earlier published may be cleared off if payment is not received. If this occurs, a minimal amount of____________% will be needed to have the website rebuilt. Accounts,which have not been decided within 14 days of the date mentioned on the invoice will acquire a late payment amount of ___________% of the whole amount.

Online service provider:

The client understands that any web service provider services or site storage services will need an independent contract with the ISP. Allengers Infotech will agree to settle a domain name with the host if needed, but will not at all be answerable for any transformations made by the server provided.

Deferred Answer from the client side:

Illogical delays from customer side in offering the required data or information to complete the campaign shall not liable Allengers Infotech from fulfilling the time frame as specified in the quote. In case customer does not provide essential details or data for more than 15 working days, customer empowers Allengers Infotech to fleece the payments made towards this project.

Single domain license:

Except that otherwise settled, customer agrees to compose the scripts forwarded only on a single domain. Yet if the client wishes to run that same website over some other domain, then the customer has to own individual license for every single domain.

License validity period:

License occurs without expiry date only if it is for a single domain.

Ownership of code and rational property rights:

Except that otherwise agreed between both the parties, Allengers Infotech is the buyer of the source code and the rational property rights and reserves the right to re-utilize the code for other campaigns.

Share in profits from the business :

After the client makes the decided payment for the campaign- Allengers Infotech will not claim dividend in your profits from business or from the sale of business to some another firm or business.

No persisting costs of licenses:

There is no recurrence or reverting license fee. However, as mentioned above that if customer wish to run his/her same website over some different domain.

Utilization of encoded files:

Unless in another way agreed, for a quicker turn around and virus free application development, Allengers Infotech can utilize own framework, which is utilized for web application development. Customer will be offered with comprehensive information for utilizing framework functions, with the help of credentials provided other programmers can alter the functionality of the website.


In no event, Allengers Infotech shall be answerable to the client or any third party for any sort of transformation, involving any mislaid profit, lost savings or other significant damages occurring out of the operation of inefficiency to operate these web pages or website, even if Allengers Infotech has been well-considered of the action of alike damages. Regardless of the best attempts of Allengers Infotech errors in website information will arise. At no time will, Allengers Infotech accountabilities for unintentionally involving false information extend besides fixing the mistake.

Should Allengers Infotech give up any of these conditions on an individual basis, this shall not influence the effectiveness of the remaining sections.

By settling on these terms and conditions, your lawful rights are not influenced.

Allengers Infotech reserves the right to modify any of the conditions at any time, but credential signed earlier to the updation of this document remains uninfluenced. Should explanation for any of the above be needed, please contact us.